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Welcome to Sew Materialistic

Sew Materialistic – The Farmhouse Edition is an online fabric store, owned and operated by Cindy Tyson. She also owns a brick-and-mortar shop by the same name in Nipawin, SK. Though they share a name, the two stores are seperate. There are products on this website that are not sold in the physical store.

Sew Materialistic – The Farmhouse Edition will be operated from Cindy’s Farmhouse.

More About Cindy

Cindy was already a retailer and decided due to COVID in 2020 that an online platform was necessary to try and survive this new retail landscape. Cindy is a farm wife and actively involved on the farm which is four hours away from her Brick and Mortar location.

Cindy is an avid quilter, discovering her love for it after taking her first class in Saskatoon in 2016!

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